Our Location

FCE srl Via Cascamificio, 27 - Jesi (AN) 60035 • Tel: 0731 58703 • Fax: 0731 205617

Situated in Jesi, center Italy, Fce srl is a well radicated company in the territory. Our long experience in construction and design of electrical transformers, has lead us to become a realiable supplier for our clients. We are open to discuss every request our clients have. We are focus in customer service to meet all requirements. Our products are very flexible, we can satisfy any request.

Fce srl is leader in efficiency and rapidity. Do not hesitate to contact our sales office to request a free quote of our products.

FCE srl Via Cascamificio, 27 Jesi (AN) 60035 • Telefono: 0731 58703Fax: 0731 205617